tender mocha

Due to characteristics of this fabric, natural variations including shading may occur. These variations should not be considered flaws.

  • Cover Type: Chenille Plain
  • Grade: D
  • Polyester: 100 %
  • Wearability: M/H
  • Cleaning Code: S
  • Direction: Railroad
  • Fabric Code: 1
  • Brand: England Furniture Company

mochaShown: Brantley Loveseat in Tender Mocha

2 comments on “England Furniture Fabrics – Tender Mocha

  1. james

    I usually don’t like brown but the design on this fabric makes it look nice.

  2. Anonymous

    This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.

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